History and Culture of Ancient India

Ancient India: The British Museum
Click on the link above to find out more about Ancient India. This website not only contains information about life in Ancient India, it also contains many interactive features and games.

National Geographic Society: India's Ancient Art
Check out this National Geographic feature story about India's Ancient Art. This webpage includes streaming video, photographs, and an interactive map of a 1500 year old temple in India. The 30 Ajanta caves, Buddhist temples cut into a basaltic ridge northeast of Mumbai in India, are filled with sacred imagery honoring Buddha. Some of the caves were used as prayer halls and living quarters for the monks who lived in this religious center.

India: Land of the Tiger
From the wet rainforests and dry deserts to the flooded lowlands and massive mountain ranges, India has a diverse geography. Here, you can explore this area's varied regions. Learn about India's people and wildlife, and take the "Himalayan Hike" - a game to test your geographic knowledge.

Indus Valley Civilization
This website contains essays and and an interesting slide tour of the region and the ancient cities of Lothal, Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro.

Timeline of Indian History
If you are looking for a complete timeline of India's history from ancient to modern times, click on the link above.

King Ashoka: His Edicts and His Times
If you want to find out more about King Ashoka and his famous edicts, click on the link above.

Kid History: Indian History
Click on any topic (Harrapan, Aryan, or Alexander invades India) in order to find out more about Ancient India.

Folktales, Epic Poems, Myths, and Legendselephant_tiny.jpg

The Rupee Tree
Read and interact with the Indian folktale "The Rupee Tree," by clicking on the link above.

Ramayana- Exile in the Forest
This website contains an illustrated presentation on the theme of Rama's wanderings in exile and his adventures in the forest, as narrated in the great epic, Ramayana.

Buddhist Tales- Jataka Stories
This is a selection from the Jataka Tales which were used by Buddha himself to explain concepts like kamma and rebirth and to emphasize the importance of certain moral values. This site is part of the award-winning site BuddhaNet: Buddhist Information Network.

Kidz Korner- Indian Folktales
This site contains illustrated tales including classic stories such as The Ramayana, Breaking the Vanity of the Gods, The Knowledge of Brahman, The Life of Buddha, The Festivals of Dashera & Diwali and popular fables such as Shuddha's Donkey, The Lioness &the Jackal Cub, The Lion, the Jackal & the Donkey, The Tiger and the Woodpecker and many other stories.

The Ramayana
Here, you will find the story of The Ramayana. Also, turn on your speakers to hear the text being read to you.


The British Museum: Early Hinduism
Read the story, meet the gods and goddesses of early Hinduism and name the ten incarnations of Vishnu when you visit the British Museum's site dedicated to Ancient India.

Ancient India and Hinduism to 1000 B.C.E.
Read more about the influence of Hinduism on Ancient India by clicking on the link above.

Religion in Ancient India
India is one of the most religiously diverse nations in the world, with one of the most deeply religious societies and cultures. Religion is a major part of life. The faith of more than 80% of the people is Hinduism, considered the world's oldest religious and philosophical system. Islam is practiced by around 13% of all Indians. Sikhism, Ayyavazhi, Buddhism and Jainism are Indian-born religious systems that are strong and influential not only in India but across the world. Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and the Bahá'í Faith are also influential but their numbers are smaller. Click on the link above to find out more about the beginnings of these world religions.

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient India
Gods and Goddesses of Ancient India
Find out more about gods and goddesses of Ancient India by clicking on the links above. You can read more about them as well as see pictures of them on these similar websites.


Interactive Map of Sacred Sites in India
Click on different cities on this interactive map in order to find out about major temples, shrines and other religious sites in India.

Buddhist Studies for Primary and Secondary Students
Created as guide for the teaching and learning of Buddhism, this site focuses on Buddhist teachings, stories, and activities. This site includes the story of the Buddha and a look at Buddhism today. Of particular interest is the "Teaching Stories" section, which includes over 100 stories from the Jakata Tales, a major piece of Buddhist literature and a primary source on the religion.

Buddhism in India
History of Buddhism
Read more about the beginnnings of Buddhism by clicking on the links above.

History of Buddhism- History for Kids!
Learn more about the history of Buddhism by clicking on the link above.