String Skirt- 6000 BCE

Colonial Williamsburg- Dirt Detective
Are you a dirt detective? Check out this Colonial Williamsburg interactive where you can find out more about how to be a junior archaeologist.

National Geographic Society- Ten Cool Archaeological Sites
Archaeological sites are not just dust and dirt. Take a look at this list of ten cool archaeological sites from around the world.

ArchNet: Table of Contents for WWW Virtual Library for Archaeology
By using this table of contents, you can find links to sites related to different regions of the world and topics from archaeoastronomy to zooarchaeology.

The Archaeology Channel
Look at the menu on the left side of the page in order to choose and watch videos about your favorite archaeological sites and interviews with famous archaeologists. Then, you can visualize how people lived, worked, and played during ancient times.

Kids Dig Reed
Welcome to the Reed Farmstead Archaeological Site in West Virginia! Discover an actual site, learn about archaeology and how archaeologists work, and reconstruct how our ancestors lived over 150 years ago.
Sumerian Bull Lyre

Museum of Ancient Inventions
Check out this museum of ancient inventions at Smith College. How do the ancient inventions compare and contrast to what we use today?