CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS FOR ROOM 111 Be Prompt, Be Prepared, Be Polite

Bring Fully Charged Chromebook Every Day

Ready to learn

Assignments completed

Independent and collaborative learner

Notebook and supplies

1. Be ready to learn when the bell rings. We only have a short time together, so it is important that you read the “Do Now” as soon as you enter the classroom. Then, follow the directions!

2. Bring your fully charged Chromebook, binder, and writing utensil (pencil, blue or black ink pen) to class every day.

3. Treat everyone’s property with respect, including your own property.

  • Horseplay of any kind will not be tolerated in the classroom, especially with our new Chromebooks.
  • Do NOT touch anyone else's Chromebook without permission.

4. Raise your hand when you would like to speak or answer a question.

5. Complete all class work and homework assignments on time.


How does being a BRAIN benefit me and other students in the class?
I will learn how to do something new or learn new and interesting information every day.
I will make a new friend in the class.
I will feel good about myself and what I have accomplished.
I will help someone else feel good about himself/herself and what he/she has accomplished.

Consequences for not Following the Classroom Rules:

First Time: Verbal Warning

Second Time: Talk with Miss Smith/Mrs. Bonney after class about your behavior.

Third Time/Repeated Negative Behavior: Detention and contact parent to discuss behavior.

Severe Clause: Referral/Removal from class

General Procedures

At the beginning of class
1. Sit quickly and quietly in your assigned seat.
2. Look on the whiteboard or Promethean Board for the "Do Now". Also, make sure that you add to your Google calendar/copy any new homework from the board (in the front of the class).
3. Begin to work!

At the end of class
1. Clean up your work area (return supplies, check floor for papers, put your desk back to its original position, save your work, etc.).
2. The bell does NOT dismiss you. Wait until I dismiss you.

When I Need Your Attention
1. I will stand in the front of the classroom and raise my hand to be as visible as possible.
2. I will say “Quiet in 1, 2, 3- All eyes (and screens) on me.” By the time I get to the word “me”, you should stop what you are doing and make eye contact with me so I know that you are listening to directions. Also, if we are using the Chromebooks, you will turn them away from you so that your screen is facing the opposite way.

When a guest enters the room
1. You should continue to work ignoring the guest unless given other directions.

Heading for Chromebook Assignments
Class Period
First and Last Name (No name = no grade). Your name must be on your work for you to receive credit.
Assignment Title
Example: 3 John Smith Jamestown Cornell Notes

When you are absent
1. Check your period folder for missed work or handouts before class. All assignments will be fully posted on Google Classroom.
2. Check with me, a trustworthy classmate and/or our class website for missed assignments, handouts, and any information.
3. Missed quizzes and tests will be given on the day that you come back unless you have been absent for an extended period of time.
4. Work must be made up equal to the days absent. (An example, if you are absent 1 day, then you have 1 day to make up the work.)
5. Work not made up will show as “missing” on the online grade book and will be averaged as an “F” into your grade.
A special note for chorus/lessons/band/orchestra- Please come to class prior to leaving for chorus or music. This will give me the opportunity to let you know of any special situations in class for the day. You are responsible for completing any missed work.

1. Raise your hand and ask to go to the bathroom in an appropriate manner. Before leaving your seat, put down the screen of your Chromebook and make sure that it is secure. Also, always make sure that your work is saved if needed.
2. Sign out in the book on your class period’s sheet (first and last name, time out, time in). Then, take the appropriate pass with you. Make sure that you bring the pass back to class.
3. Students are not allowed to leave the room during the first and last 10 minutes of class to go to the bathroom as per TJMS policy.

1. If you have been given a pass to go to the nurse, inform me of what time that you have to leave as soon as you enter the classroom.
2. If you need to go to the nurse for any other reason, raise your hand and ask to go the nurse in an appropriate manner. If you do not feel comfortable to do this, write me a note and/or signal me. I will try to be as respectful of your privacy as possible.

Fire drill/Evacuation drill
1. Stop working.
2. Line up silently in a single file line at the door.
3. Exit classroom. The last student out will turn out the lights and pull the door closed.
4. Turn left at the corner by rooms 108 and 109. Exit the building through the doors leading to the new wing.
5. Once outside, turn and face building so that I can take attendance. All students will be quiet so attendance can be taken.

1. Stop working.
2. Go quickly and quietly to the back of the classroom.
3. Sit down on the floor. Remain silent until further directions are given.