Early Humans

Origins Centre- South Africa
At the Origins Centre in South Africa, visitors can see the earliest image made by man, take an 80,000 year journey from the past to the present in search of the art and culture that has inspired and motivated humans in their search for innovation, and experience the oldest known ritual that is still practiced today – the San/Bushman trance dance. Explore this museum's website to find out more about human origins.

Early Humans PowerPoint Presentations

Who's Who of Early Man

Becoming Human

Origins of Humankind Interactive

PBS: Human Evolution

The Smithsonian Institution: The Human Origins Project

Cave Art: The Cave of Lascaux, France

Walking with Cavemen Companion website

Cybermuseum: Early Humans

Human Evolution: EMuseum @ Minnesota State University
Click on "Hominid Fossil Record" to find out more information about australopithecus, homo habilis, homo erectus, neanderthals, and homo sapiens as well as other hominid groups.

Early Farming Communities

This website is designed for those interested in the ongoing excavations at Catahoyuk, Turkey. If you want to find out the latest news about this site, this website is worth visiting often.

Catalhoyuk Interactive
Find out more about the mysteries of Catalhoyuk by investigating this fascinating archaeological site.

The State Hermitage Museum in Russia: Neolithic Art

World Museum of Man: The History of Man Through the Study of Tools and Weapons

Catalhoyuk- The Archaeology Channel Video
If you want to see a short 8-minute video about this World Heritage site, click on the link above.

Farms Take Humans to the Future- National Geographic Online Extra
If you want to find out more about how farms allowed humans to expand their diets, families, and communities, read this article from National Geographic.

Otzi the Iceman

Otzi the Iceman: The Glacier Mummy at the Mummy Tombs

Discovery News: Living Relatives of Iceman Mummy Found
Apparently, Otzi has at least 19 living male relatives living in the Austrian Tirol. Read more about Otzi's family tree in this Discovery News article.

South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology
If you want to find out more about Otzi, this is the website you should visit. Otzi's bones are housed in this museum. You will find video clips and more when visiting this website.

The Iceman's Last Meal
Do you want to find out more about Otzi's last meal? Visit this PBS webpage to find out more about what people ate during the times in which Otzi lived.

Ice Age Rhinoceros Remains Found (11/5/08)