French and Indian War (also known as The Seven Years War)


Prezi- French and Indian War

Go to this presentation in order to find out the complete story of the French and Indian War. This presentation contains pictures, text, and video clips.

Military Heritage Magazine: The Seven Years War Website
Read articles and biographies dedicated to those involved in the Seven Years War (or the French and Indian War) on both sides. Also, find out more about the music, uniforms, and army life during the 18th century. Finally, find out more about reenactment groups and their dedication to keeping the history of this little known war alive.

Scalping During the French and Indian War: Archiving Early America
Read about the barbaric practice of scalping during the French and Indian War in this article by George A. Bray III.

Fort Necessity
Fort Necessity was a small stockade in western Pennsylvania built by Virginia Militia led by George Washington in 1754.

Treaty of Paris of 1763
The Treaty of Paris ended the Seven Years' War in Europe and the French and Indian War in North America.

PBS: The War that Made America Companion Site
Oftentimes, the French and Indian War is thought to be a preview for the American Revolution. This PBS companion site will give you more insight as to how the relationship between the American colonists and England was affected before, during, and after the war was over.

Fort William Henry Massacre

Seven Years' War Index
If you want to find out more about the Seven Years' War/French and Indian War, there are many links on the site related to important battles, people, and events during this time period.

French and Indian War- Animated Geography
If you would like to see where the battles took place and find out more information about the war, click on this link. Make sure that your volume on your computer is up.

Important People in the French and Indian War

Biography of General Braddock

King George III of England

Chief Pontiac

George Washington: A Brief Biography

George Washington: The Soldier Through the French and Indian War (Valley Forge website)

The Life of George Washington by David Ramseyl

Published eight years after George Washington’s death, David Ramsay’s Life of George Washington achieved great popularity. A contemporary of Washington, historian Ramsay writes with the knowledge and insights one acquires only by being on the scene.

Important Images from the French and Indian War

The First Political Cartoons in America: Join or Die by Ben Franklin

How to Analyze "Join or Die" political cartoon

The Death of General Wolfe by Benjamin West (painting)

Early Canada Historical Narratives: Images related to the Death of Montcalm